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Learn how to make resin jewelry

with the ease and confidence you never thought possible


Making resin jewelry doesn't have to be difficult or frustrating

I know what it's like to make sticky, bubble-filled resin pendants.  My first experience learning resin jewelry making was a massive disaster and my teacher was no help at all.  When I started teaching resin jewelry making over ten years ago, I wanted to be sure my students could easily understand the steps to make amazing resin jewelry and avoid the wasted time and money I had experienced. 

With unique insights drawn from more than a decade of creating and selling resin jewelry worldwide, plus my experience as an Amazon best-selling author on the topic, you will find this class goes beyond making a few projects.  I've condensed my years of resin experience into thirty video lessons to give you clear direction on how to make resin jewelry you can confidently share and sell. Go beyond what all that free information doesn't tell you.  Instead, get my insider tips on achieving resin pro status in no time.

Incredible value

Students who travel to take in-person classes with me easily spend $300 and up.  Get the same valuable information all while enjoying the comforts of home.

Easy to follow

My more than decade's worth of experience with resin and teaching students has allowed me to develop a clear, step-by-step path to help you make progress quickly.

Work at your own pace

All lessons are available immediately and on-demand.  Take them on the schedule that works for you -- where ever you are in the world!

Here's what you will learn in this online course on how to make resin jewelry:

  • Organizing your supplies and crafting area, including where you should spend and save your money
  • The one question you need to ask yourself that will save you frustration and wasted time when choosing a resin
  • Techniques to banish bubbles
  • Four bezel projects and four mold projects that you can recreate and sell (great way to help pay for class!)
  • My best resin troubleshooting guide EVER
  • All this PLUS the nuances and little details you won't get in those 'free' YouTube videos

"Impressive class, inspiring teacher! Watched all the class videos yesterday, took the exams and am looking forward to doing the class projects. Your teaching technique is wonderful, detailed and easy to follow...would you consider teaching a resin art class? If so, I'm in! "

Cyn P.

Quit wasting money on supplies

Choosing a resin for jewelry making can be confusing and intimidating.  Learn how to do it so you can get it right the first time.

Make amazing jewelry

Instead of watching hours of youtube videos only to find you still aren't any closer to getting started, get expert advice to help you break through the confusion and make jewelry you will be proud to share and sell.  

"Prior to taking this class, I was very hesitant to give resin a try, despite the fact that I wanted to use it and had purchased resin and several molds. After taking Katherine's class, I am now extremely confident and am enjoying all sorts of new jewelry-making adventures using resin, as well as making other art objects. This on-line class was just what I needed to allow me to be confident to utilize resin in my designs!"

Ruth B.

Stop feeling stuck

Making resin jewelry can be FUN and EASY

Start mastering the art of making resin jewelry

With my help, you can get where you want to go.



Thirty video lessons as a part of five modules that include:

Class transcripts

Step-by-step project instructions

4 bezel + 4 mold projects

Printable handouts and worksheets

Progress quizzes

Private Facebook group

Lifetime access, including future updates

And a few surprises!


Meet your expert teacher

Katherine Swift started making jewelry in 2001 and began incorporating resin into her designs in 2006.  In 2011, she purchased Resin Obsession, a company dedicated to helping creators of all levels with supplies and advice to help them create their best resin art, crafts, and jewelry.  

Katherine is also part of an exclusive group of artists that have exhibited in the Disney World 'Festival of the Masters', an invitation-only art festival for those who have won awards at other juried art events.  She has also written a book on how to make resin jewelry which was an Amazon best-seller and continues to receive top-rated reviews.

As a resin company owner, Katherine takes her hands-on experience and puts it to work for you.  Not only will you learn the easiest way to make resin jewelry, but she will share her tips and knowledge to help you make resin jewelry you will feel confident in selling.

"I have done resin before and keep watching the classes because I'm still finding techniques to improve my skills."

Barbara F.

Resin jewelry making - the easy way

I make it simple to unleash your inner resin artist.  I teach all lessons by video through talks and demonstrations. 

Want notes?  Don't worry -- class transcripts and worksheets all included.

Connect with other jewelry makers

As you work at your own pace, learn with others in a private community of classmates.  Share feedback and help each other in a 'study group' setting.

"As someone who had never worked with resin before, I felt I needed more support. Each class was well organized and clearly presented. The sessions ensured that we established a solid foundation for resin crafting, and created an environment that invited us to ask any question and to discover the joy in creating resin jewelry. "

Shay M.

Learn on your schedule

Take lessons at the pace that best fits you.  Sit down and learn everything in an afternoon or watch a module when you have time.  Either way, you have lifetime access to the class, including future updates.

All you need is a device that can access the internet and a printer if you choose to have hard copies of the handouts and transcripts.  


Money-back guarantee

Leave the setbacks, obstacles, and “ugly cry” moments behind.  

If you complete modules 1 and 2 and do not find the class is a good fit for you, you may request a refund within 14 days of purchase.


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